Project 2

20 Questions to Answer:

Are they male/female?

2 males and 1 female

How old are they?


Where do they live?

Different states in America

Do they have children?

One person has 2 kids.

Are they married?

One is single, one engaged, and one divorced.

Where are they when they use the app?

Home and Work

Do they love a competitive app? Why?


What do they do?

A variety of Different careers.

What do they have in common?

They want to help a family member or a friend with mobile issues.

Why are they interested in the topic?

Because they are far away from the people they want to help

Who are they trying to impress?

Their family and friends

Who impresses them?

Mentors in their career

What Internet tools do they use most every day?

Google, Wikipedia and social media accounts

What Internet tools do they not use ever?


What drives my target to make decisions?

Simplicity, efficiency and safety.

Can they afford my app?


Can I reach them with my app? Are they accessible?

Yes, with the right marketing campaign.

Are there enough people in your target to be profitable?

After my initial research I found the need for this app in my community, however I would need more research to find out if the app profitable.

How does your idea resonate with your audience on an emotional level?

The app evokes positive emotions with the users.

Do you need to break your target up into niches?

Definitely, yes.

FIXIT Personas

Persona 1
Persona 2
Persona 3

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