Final Project

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App Name: FIXIT     Platform: Android     Category: Productivity     Price: Free

FIXIT makes mobile technology more accessible by providing easy, fast and secure remote access from one Android device to another.

FIXIT allows friends, family members, and colleagues to remotely share their phone screens and provide a spontaneous support to troubleshoot mobile issues.

Great for:
• Helping friends and family out with phone issues.
• Screen sharing and complete remote control other Android devices.

• Chat, audio, and video calls during sessions.
• Record-session for a future review.


My target audience is Android users, male/female, between 18-60 years old.FIXIT


IconFIXIT Sketches


FIXIT User Flowchart


Click here to test FIXIT low-fidelity prototype

Design Pattern Study

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Visual Design Comps


Click the screen below to test FIXIT high-fidelity prototype


Final Presentation

click here to see final presentation




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